HelgessonGonzaga Arkitekter AB was founded in Aug 2012 by principal architects, Isabell Gonzaga, Arkitekt SAR, MArch in Architecture and Interior and Andreas Helgesson Gonzaga, Arkitekt SAR/MSA, Dip.Arch RIBA. 

The focus of our approach is practical design work, but we also seek a balance between practice, teaching and research, in order to inform the methodology and capacity of the practice on a continuous basis. With many years of experience we have a solid base of knowledge to develop and oversee any project from early sketches to finalised building.

Our interest derives from the belief that architecture presents opportunities for transformation – conceptually, materially and sociologically. The desire to enrich and improve daily life on all scales from products, private residences, institutional buildings or urban design, is the cornerstone of all our engagements. Inspiration is drawn from contemporary life and influences from around the world. Our ambition is that the work clearly articulates this enthusiasm for issues of place and identity.

The buildings possess a high degree of specificity and aim at creating resonance with their contexts and time, yet their ability diverge and establish independent narratives is the most important factor of our work. Hopefully the architecture thus challenge typologies and aim at generating a dynamic cultural discourse, in response to a complex and transitory world.




HelgessonGonzaga Arkitekter AB

Årsta Skolgränd 16A, 11743 Stockholm


Andreas: 0708 88 18 01

Isabell: 0706 509556